hiring analytics for teams

Ansaro turns your team into interviewing all-stars.


Structure interviews according to best practices.

Ensure every interview covers job-relevant – and only job-relevant – content. 


Share detailed interview feedback.

Collect detailed interview feedback and empower interviewers with an AI Notetaker.


Make holistic, data-driven hiring decisions.

Link interview feedback to new hires’ performance and retention, so with every hire your organization gets better at interviewing.


how we're helping leading companies

Ansaro has helped us build our Quality of Hire metrics, and identify the factors that lead to QoH and employee retention. This analytical approach will provide insights that enable hiring teams to make better decisions.
— Tim James, VP of HR Operations, Andeavor
Ansaro brought a new set of tools and insights to hiring at Ally and helped us identify new predictors of on-the-job success for a number of our core roles
— Nicole Fitz, Senior Director of HR Operations, Ally
At TFA, we have the opportunity to work with a number of external partners. Ansaro stands out. They’ve understood our needs as a client and produced products and learnings for us that have had a strong impact on our recruitment strategy.
— Mike Metzger, Senior Managing Director for Recruitment and Admissions Strategy


hire quality candidates

Measure Quality of Hire — and learn how to predict it.


structured interviewing and feedback

Support your team with tools that help them interview according to your best practices and deliver a better candidate experience. Use our AI notetaker to avoid typing and talking at the same time, and automatically capture detailed, shareable feedback.

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INTERVIEWer analytics

Understand who are your best identifiers of talent, and which competencies and questions are most predictive.  Ansaro's machine learning actively un-biases candidate insights and ensures data-driven hiring aligns with your D&I goals. 

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quality of hire evaluation

Post-hire evaluations make tracking hiring success easy. Every time you make a hire, automatically collect Quality of Hire scores, so Ansaro gets smarter – and so does your team.

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