50 years of psychology research shows that well-structured interviews are the best predictor of new hire performance — and unstructured interviews are about as good as flipping a coin.

  • Collaboratively create structured interview processes using Ansaro’s interview content or use your own. 
  • Prepare your interviewers for what to ask and how to score the response. 
  • Ensure feedback gets shared with the right people, without recruiters needing to hunt them down.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Too many companies struggle to improve hiring because they stop tracking candidates when they become employees.

  • Enable Talent Acquisition to gather reliable and consistent Quality of Hire data. 
  • Understand how Quality of Hire differs across your organization.
  • Identify high-potential candidates, using predictive algorithms that get smarter with every hire. 

We’re committed to reducing bias in hiring and advancing AI. But AI is only as good as the data on which it’s built, and when it comes to hiring, much of the real-world data is biased.

  • We test predictive recommendations to ensure they do not disadvantage any underrepresented group.
  • We monitor Quality of Hire scores to ensure they are not lower for any underrepresented group.
  • We test algorithm inputs to identify non-obvious factors that are correlated with membership in an underrepresented group.
  • We provide record-keeping and decision auditing that support EEO and OFCCP compliance.

Most Talent Acquisition analytics platforms feel like they’ve been hastily repurposed from sales or marketing. They tell you what — how many applicants, how many hires — but not why.

  • Get analytics focused on delivering actionable insights.
  • Understand who your best applicants are and which parts of your hiring process actually predict new hire success. 
  • Identify who your best interviewers are and what they do that others can learn from.


Ansaro is designed to work with your existing talent management systems. Contact us to learn more about which applicant tracking and HR information systems we support.